The case highlights serious recruitment pitfalls for independent schools...

Schools will miss out on good students if they fail to use images of black pupils in promotional ...


- 'Independent schools are sitting on goldmines'

If predictions about a Covid-driven surge in pupil...

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Anne Longfield says children will be vulnerable to...

- Good school buildings are no indulgence - they really matter

Antonia Berry explains how learning has been...

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Lucy Barnwell explains how relatively little can...

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Most heads will say that racism does not happen in...


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The case highlights serious recruitment pitfalls for independent schools

Education minister Peter Weir spoke as the country began a two-week lockdown period to fight the spread of coronavirus

State sector teachers says government claims they have smaller class sizes to stop the spread of coronavirus are false

Dame Glenys Stacey says contingency plans are under discussion, including proposals for invigilated mock exams

The number of partially closed secondaries continues to rise, but overall attendance is up slightly

A new report from ISC Research shows schools are benefiting more from the local market

The education secretary is expected to remain under pressure from unions and others over GCSEs and A-levels

A third of schools have seen a rise in home education over coronavirus concerns

Admissions & Marketing

Schools will miss out on good students if they fail to use images of black pupils in promotional literature, writes Elaine Cunningham-Walker

Schools need to embrace the opportunities for good communication offered by parent messaging groups, write Emily Richards

Schools who nurture their old boys and girls will find the effort pays off, writes Nick Richardson

Schools should make the most of the marketing opportunity offered by families moving to areas with lower living costs

Lucy Barnwell explains how relatively little can go a long way when schools are interacting with paying customers

Rather than rely on their instincts alone, schools can benefit hugely from being able to visualise performance, writes Nathalie Sinyard

Covid has stopped trips to international recruitment events, but there are other ways to build relationships, writes Lucy Barnwell

Digital advertising has been a game changer but don't forget the power of print

Bursars & Finance

Tom Wilson highlights the vital process of financial modelling for independent schools

Adapting older independent school buildings for modern-day use can be challenging, writes architect Regine Kandan

Tim Ryan explains how to mitigate the problem and avoid unwittingly committing an offence

Richard Metcalfe remembers the day he was first appointed as a bursar, nervous that his lack of a pair of brogues would hold him back

Independent schools must remain vigilant and improve their defences against attack, writes Martin Taylor

There are many factors to take into account when setting up a bursary fund

Variety is the key to the success of Bolton School's commercial subsidiary, which funds bursaries for secondary pupils

If predictions about a Covid-driven surge in pupil numbers don't come true, schools will need a safety net

Development and Fundraising

James Underhill outlines the potential dilemmas for schools when it comes to fundraising, and offers advice on how to navigate them

Lockdown could mean this year's cohort of leavers is probably the most ready to engage with development officers

The start of the new term amid the ongoing covid pandemic will raise some very serious questions for boarding schools

Heads & Governors

As the pressures on heads and other school managers grow, they must find moments of 'flow and joy', says Tom Rogerson from Cottesmore School

Andrew Christie explains why his school was determined to bring the joys of Greek and Latin to local state schools

Antonia Berry explains how learning has been transformed by a visionary renovation and extension project

Governors should not be afraid to challenge the curriculum status quo even in Covid times, writes Peter Tait

Providers have written to Boris Johnson to warn the freeze on overnight stays could cost 6,000 jobs by January

Nicola Griffiths got a lot more than she expected when she was promoted to acting head shortly before the Covid-19 crisis

David James reflects on the difficulties staff have faced during the Covid crisis - and how it has brought people together

Nicola Griffiths explores the most constructive ways to let pupils and teachers know how they are doing