Chris King reflects on the efforts schools made to contribute during the Covid-19 lockdown,...

Chris Seal reports on Thailand's straightforward approach to Covid 19 and recalls how he and staff...


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If predictions about a Covid-driven surge in pupil...

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Tim Ryan explains how to mitigate the problem and...

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ISC chair Barnaby Lenon warns of the dangers of...

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George Budd outlines how his school introduced an...


Latest News

Big brands dominate the prestigious awards which accompany the publication of the magazine's guide to top schools

HMC general secretary Simon Hyde said consultation over changes was done before the resurgence of cases

Geoff Barton of ASCL says the idea of taking GCSEs and A-levels online is 'pie in the sky'

Many families earning over £60,000 would now think about switching children to independent schools to ensure better home learning provision

Classroom teachers in state sector felt generally less anxious than normal during lockdown, a study shows

Independent schools are among those considering alternatives

ISC chair Barnaby Lenon warns of the dangers of the politicisation of elite university admissions

Official figures show a 12 per cent absence rate last week, as children returned to school during the pandemic

Admissions & Marketing

Rather than rely on their instincts alone, schools can benefit hugely from being able to visualise performance, writes Nathalie Sinyard

Covid has stopped trips to international recruitment events, but there are other ways to build relationships, writes Lucy Barnwell

Digital advertising has been a game changer but don't forget the power of print

'The demonic crunch of the algorithm' has helped many see why exams are so vital, writes Emma White.

UK-based independent education providers could come to be seen as 'colonial and unwelcome' in China, writes Andrew Lewer MP

Students will need prepare in new ways to be ready for the 'new normal' of Zoom university interviews

Amidst the chaos caused by this beast of a virus, an unlikely pocket of progress lies smoldering in the corner of the independent school common room.

Bursars & Finance

Adapting older independent school buildings for modern-day use can be challenging, writes architect Regine Kandan

Tim Ryan explains how to mitigate the problem and avoid unwittingly committing an offence

Richard Metcalfe remembers the day he was first appointed as a bursar, nervous that his lack of a pair of brogues would hold him back

Independent schools must remain vigilant and improve their defences against attack, writes Martin Taylor

There are many factors to take into account when setting up a bursary fund

Variety is the key to the success of Bolton School's commercial subsidiary, which funds bursaries for secondary pupils

If predictions about a Covid-driven surge in pupil numbers don't come true, schools will need a safety net

A good relationship between bursars and marketers is vital for independent schools

Development and Fundraising

Lockdown could mean this year's cohort of leavers is probably the most ready to engage with development officers

The start of the new term amid the ongoing covid pandemic will raise some very serious questions for boarding schools

Heads & Governors

David James reflects on the difficulties staff have faced during the Covid crisis - and how it has brought people together

Nicola Griffiths explores the most constructive ways to let pupils and teachers know how they are doing

Ian Power from the HMC says 'vast majority' of teachers trained on SCITTs now have jobs in the state system

Independent schools' ability to move fast and decisively has worked to their advantage in the pandemic, writes IAPS chief executive Chris King

Exposure to great role models and a broad range of experiences will help children find their purpose, writes Professor Ger Graus

A student and staff questionnaire would help schools benefit from lockdown experiences, writes Peter Tait

Future careers will be defined by uncertainty, so let's rethink education

George Budd outlines how his school introduced an 'innovative and supportive' way to evaluate staff