An embedded school librarian can have a pivotal role across an entire school, writes Alison Kennedy...

Officials say more research is needed before daily lateral flow testing can be used to keep close...


- Tatler reveals nominees for its independent schools awards

Big brands dominate the prestigious awards which...

- Cambridge University admits record number of state school students

Oxford is also expected to announce record figures...

- Williamson contradicts Ofsted with live lessons are 'best' claim

Ofsted's deputy head of research says live lessons...

- Gavin Williamson confirms three week exams delay

The education secretary is expected to remain...

- Britain seen as safer boarding school destination than US

Overseas families drawn to UK schools because of...


Latest News

Officials say more research is needed before daily lateral flow testing can be used to keep close contacts in school

Ofsted's deputy head of research says live lessons are not necessarily the 'gold standard' of remote education

University of Birmingham vice chancellor wants sixth form teaching to be separated from higher education admissions

Concerns remain over whether the rapid-result tests are reliable enough

The Russell Group of top universities has said institutions will take on more students if necessary this year

The HMC and Cognita are among signatories of a letter offering to implement a Covid vaccination scheme for school and childcare staff

The exams are largely taken by candidates in the independent sector

HMC chief Simon Hyde says issues around GCSE and A-level exams were 'foreseeable'

Admissions & Marketing

Despite the lockdown, now is the time to sharpen up your aims for the year, writes Lucy Barnwell

Sports halls and drama studios are empty once more, but it is vital to showcase the excellent education children have been receiving online, writes Nicky Adams

Amid the academic focus, schools should not forget the importance of recruitment, retention and referrals, writes Lucy Barnwell

A school's first point of contact with the outside world is vital to its brand, so check yours isn't letting you down

Sarah Lee from Haberdashers' Monmouth Schools shares her experience of a major rebranding exercise

Don't be a perfectionist, tell good stories and create multiple ways for parents to engage, writes Lucy Barnwell

Schools will miss out on good students if they fail to use images of black pupils in promotional literature, writes Elaine Cunningham-Walker

Schools need to embrace the opportunities for good communication offered by parent messaging groups, write Emily Richards

Bursars & Finance

School managers need to have their eye on the long-term sustainability of scholarship offerings, writes Lucy Barnwell

Dean White, bursar of Stamford Endowed Schools, explains how they made the institution safe for students and staff during the pandemic

Tom Wilson highlights the vital process of financial modelling for independent schools

Adapting older independent school buildings for modern-day use can be challenging, writes architect Regine Kandan

Tim Ryan explains how to mitigate the problem and avoid unwittingly committing an offence

Richard Metcalfe remembers the day he was first appointed as a bursar, nervous that his lack of a pair of brogues would hold him back

Independent schools must remain vigilant and improve their defences against attack, writes Martin Taylor

There are many factors to take into account when setting up a bursary fund

Development and Fundraising

A whole-hearted embrace of technology has been key to fundraising this year, writes Jenny Blaiklock from Lady Eleanor Holles School

A real sense of community and shared heritage makes fundraising for bursaries a rewarding job

James Underhill outlines the potential dilemmas for schools when it comes to fundraising, and offers advice on how to navigate them

Lockdown could mean this year's cohort of leavers is probably the most ready to engage with development officers

The start of the new term amid the ongoing covid pandemic will raise some very serious questions for boarding schools

Heads & Governors

An embedded school librarian can have a pivotal role across an entire school, writes Alison Kennedy from St George's School in Ascot

Sarah Ford argues for educators to rethink how we measure educational success in the light of the Covid crisis and cancelled exams

Young people are bearing the brunt of exams chaos, but this generation may be remembered for its ability to move on and flourish, writes Emma Hattersley

Berwick Coates recalls the moment a student taught him an important lesson about how to hold the attention of a class

Helen Jeys reflects on the huge challenges of the past 10 months and calls for a focus on staff and student well-being and a sense of positivity about the future

Amid outcry over Covid, the digital divide and cancelled exams, Emma White advocates a tried and tested approach to remote learning

Helen Pike, master of Magdalen College School, looks at what needs to be done to ensure students receive the fairest possible grades this summer

Inclusivity and diversity in a school must be 'lived and visible' to the whole community every day, writes Jane Lunnon from Alleyn's School