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David James reflects on the difficulties staff...

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Jane Prescott discusses independent education for...

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In Lincoln, partnerships between schools and...


Latest News

A poll by the Chartered College of Teaching found teachers felt the DfE had not listened to their feedback

Plans are being considered to tell universities how much learning pupils have missed due to Covid

The 'intensity' of online learning meant some of her pupils were more advanced after lockdown, says Jane Prescott from the GSA

Attendance has fallen in English secondaries due to pupils coming into potential contact with coronavirus cases

The Local Government Association says children who are withdrawn from school can be vulnerable without monitoring

The Government must offer clarity on which options it is considering to make GCSEs and A-levels as fair as possible this year, writes Nick Pietrek

A union survey reveals the depth of unease and overwork among teaching staff on the frontline during the second wave

Exams will be replaced with in-class assessments instead, says Welsh education minister

Admissions & Marketing

Sarah Lee from Haberdashers' Monmouth Schools shares her experience of a major rebranding exercise

Don't be a perfectionist, tell good stories and create multiple ways for parents to engage, writes Lucy Barnwell

Schools will miss out on good students if they fail to use images of black pupils in promotional literature, writes Elaine Cunningham-Walker

Schools need to embrace the opportunities for good communication offered by parent messaging groups, write Emily Richards

Schools who nurture their old boys and girls will find the effort pays off, writes Nick Richardson

Schools should make the most of the marketing opportunity offered by families moving to areas with lower living costs

Lucy Barnwell explains how relatively little can go a long way when schools are interacting with paying customers

Rather than rely on their instincts alone, schools can benefit hugely from being able to visualise performance, writes Nathalie Sinyard

Bursars & Finance

School managers need to have their eye on the long-term sustainability of scholarship offerings, writes Lucy Barnwell

Dean White, bursar of Stamford Endowed Schools, explains how they made the institution safe for students and staff during the pandemic

Tom Wilson highlights the vital process of financial modelling for independent schools

Adapting older independent school buildings for modern-day use can be challenging, writes architect Regine Kandan

Tim Ryan explains how to mitigate the problem and avoid unwittingly committing an offence

Richard Metcalfe remembers the day he was first appointed as a bursar, nervous that his lack of a pair of brogues would hold him back

Independent schools must remain vigilant and improve their defences against attack, writes Martin Taylor

There are many factors to take into account when setting up a bursary fund

Development and Fundraising

A real sense of community and shared heritage makes fundraising for bursaries a rewarding job

James Underhill outlines the potential dilemmas for schools when it comes to fundraising, and offers advice on how to navigate them

Lockdown could mean this year's cohort of leavers is probably the most ready to engage with development officers

The start of the new term amid the ongoing covid pandemic will raise some very serious questions for boarding schools

Heads & Governors

Headteachers need to take care of their emotional health, in order to be the leaders they need to be, writes Mark Leppard

Schools are failing to teach about the empire to a meaningful degree, writes Peter Tait, and something needs to be done

It would be 'folly' to cancel next year's GCSEs and A-levels without a well-planned and tested alternative, writes Ed Elliott, head of the Perse School

Education will only change for the better if educators help form policies that prepare children for the future, writes Malcolm Jeffrey

It is not weak to ask for help in these testing times, writes Tracy Shand

Wales' move to swap the 2021 GCSEs and A-levels for classroom tests sounds 'rather like exams', writes Nicholas Pietrek from Thorpe House School

The upheaval from Covid-19 could let us rethink the role and structure of GCSEs, writes Paul Dwyer from Redmaids' High School

In Lincoln, partnerships between schools and universities have been of huge mutual benefit, argues Mark Wallace