Talking Recruitment: How to attract good teaching candidates

Mark Steed and Kai Vacher discuss how schools both in the UK and overseas can attract the right teaching candidates

Welcome to the first episode of Talking Recruitment, our six-part podcast series focusing on how schools can improve staff recruitment in the midst of the global teacher supply crisis.

Listen to Mark Steed, former principal of the Kellett School in Hong Kong and founder of Steed Education, discuss some practical solutions to all the issues with Kai Vacher, principal of British School Muscat in Oman.

In this first episode, they draw on their own experience to look at how schools can use non-traditional techniques to attract the best staff.

They look at the importance of using social media to build up a school brand and putting as much effort into attracting staff as students.

They discuss how word-of-mouth is a vital element in “selling” a school to new recruits, and how essential it is to make sure being a part of the school is a positive experience for staff, students and parents.