In Conversation: Suzie Longstaff, principal, London Park Schools

Former Olympic cox Suzie Longstaff explains how rowing has helped her in leadership, and why her schools offer a ‘reset’ for education in the UK capital

Dr Helen Wright meets Suzie Longstaff, the former head of Putney High, and now principal of London Park Schools in London.

She explains how the new schools group aims to offer a ‘reset’ that takes the stress out of independent school admissions, offering a holistic and experiential education.

Suzie talks about the importance of not “learning in silos” and understanding where different subject areas intersect, and how that can be played out in a school curriculum.

Suzie and Helen also talk about the emergence of artificial intelligence and the uncertainty and excitement around how it will affect education.

She also talks about how her career as an Olympic rowing cox “sitting on my bottom shouting at people” has given her the resilience, teamwork and communication skills needed for school leadership.