Marina Gardiner Legge starts presidency of the Girls’ Schools Association

Marina Gardiner Legge, head of Oxford High School, is the new president of the Girls’ Schools Association

Marina Gardiner Legge, Girls' Schools Association president

Marina Gardiner Legge has begun her post as president of the Girls’ Schools Association, taking over from Heather Hanbury.

As president, Mrs Gardiner Legge will work closely with GSA member schools, teachers, students and others to advocate for the opportunities offered by girls’ only education.

The GSA said that as a mother of three girls herself, Marina believes that girls-only schools are “uniquely able to equip young women for life in the modern world, honouring who they are, as they are, and empowering them to choose the lives they want to live”.

Mrs Gardiner-Legge, who is head at Oxford High School GDST, said: “GSA schools celebrate and support every young woman; I plan to ‘sing the joy’ of girls’ education and the way it changes lives for the better this year and I’m delighted to drive GSA’s mission with our growing membership in both the state and independent sector.

“No girl should feel as though she should have to apologize or minimise herself, or that she cannot study for or choose the life she wishes to live. In our schools girls are liberated to define their own parameters.”

Mrs Gardiner Legge will focus on the importance of supportive educational state and independent school relationships, adding: “Having worked in both state and independent schools myself, I know how hard everyone is working to give every young person the best education and opportunity in life.

“We care deeply about each pupil – it’s seared into our bones as teachers, it’s why we teach. I’m a firm believer that through working together we learn from each other and can benefit every child.”

GSA CEO Donna Stevens added: “I’m thrilled to welcome Marina as new president in the year we celebrate GSA’s 150 years of empowering young women to live the lives of their choosing.”