MTM Webinar: The Importance of Data in Education Marketing

Is it worthwhile carrying out market research before you forge ahead with your school’s student recruitment activities? This is the topic for discussion by five experienced members of the independent schools sector, who draw on their own careers to debate how data gained through market research can determine the success – or failure – of schools’ marketing efforts.

Chairing the discussion is Peter Woodroffe, deputy chief executive officer of the Independent Schools Association for the past four years and a former independent school headmaster. On the panel is:

– Headmistress and proprietor of St John’s Priory School in Banbury, Tracey Wilson

– Marketing and admissions officer of St John’s Priory School, Gemma Osborne

– Sophie Braybrooke, for 16 years director of communications at the Royal Hospital School and now head of strategic marketing at MTM Consulting

– James Leggett, managing director of MTM Consulting, who has 12 years’ experience providing market research data, strategy and support to independent schools across the UK and internationally.

In the course of a lively conversation, they reveal how the “sometimes surprising results” of market research have informed their actions and helped them to understand who and where their target families are, how to reach them and how to communicate with them once they have become part of the school community.

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