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School managers need to have their eye on the long-term sustainability of scholarship offerings, writes Lucy Barnwell

Schools are failing to teach about the empire to a meaningful degree, writes Peter Tait, and something needs to be done

Plans are being considered to tell universities how much learning pupils have missed due to Covid

Expert Alex Stanford-Tuck explores what to consider to ensure the successful sale of an educational business

The 'intensity' of online learning meant some of her pupils were more advanced after lockdown, says Jane Prescott from the GSA

It would be 'folly' to cancel next year's GCSEs and A-levels without a well-planned and tested alternative, writes Ed Elliott, head of the Perse School

Sally Thorogood examines the impact on learning in a uniquely innovative and success-focused environment

Attendance has fallen in English secondaries due to pupils coming into potential contact with coronavirus cases

The Local Government Association says children who are withdrawn from school can be vulnerable without monitoring

It is not weak to ask for help in these testing times, writes Tracy Shand

A union survey reveals the depth of unease and overwork among teaching staff on the frontline during the second wave

The upheaval from Covid-19 could let us rethink the role and structure of GCSEs, writes Paul Dwyer from Redmaids' High School

Affirmation, rather than praise, could be a good way for leaders to encourage and motivate staff

The latest briefing from the schools inspectorate finds that school leaders are facing 'unrealistic pressure' during the pandemic

Dean White, bursar of Stamford Endowed Schools, explains how they made the institution safe for students and staff during the pandemic

Thousands of teachers have signed a petition calling for A-level and GCSE content to be reduced because of Covid disruption

Don't be a perfectionist, tell good stories and create multiple ways for parents to engage, writes Lucy Barnwell

The NEU says schools are 'an engine for virus transmission'

A school mental health conference helps parents support their teenagers through difficult times, writes Emma Hattersley from Godolphin School

A poll for the Sutton Trust showed that many students would have applied to different universities had they known their real grades

The London Interdisciplinary School will allow students to follow courses based around problem solving skills

Schools are missing out on top female staff if they remain blinkered over flexible working, writes Lindsay Patience

The case highlights serious recruitment pitfalls for independent schools

As the pressures on heads and other school managers grow, they must find moments of 'flow and joy', says Tom Rogerson from Cottesmore School

We must prepare children for the future world of work, where young people could become 'urban shepherds ' or 'robot monitors', says Ger Graus

James Underhill outlines the potential dilemmas for schools when it comes to fundraising, and offers advice on how to navigate them

Schools need to embrace the opportunities for good communication offered by parent messaging groups, write Emily Richards

Andrew Christie explains why his school was determined to bring the joys of Greek and Latin to local state schools

State sector teachers says government claims they have smaller class sizes to stop the spread of coronavirus are false

Dame Glenys Stacey says contingency plans are under discussion, including proposals for invigilated mock exams

Schools who nurture their old boys and girls will find the effort pays off, writes Nick Richardson

Schools faced with parents threatening to home educate need to know all the arguments against it, writes successful home educator Emma White

The number of partially closed secondaries continues to rise, but overall attendance is up slightly

A more nuanced discussion is needed around how we best serve the mental health needs of students, says Sadie Hollins

A new report from ISC Research shows schools are benefiting more from the local market

The education secretary is expected to remain under pressure from unions and others over GCSEs and A-levels

Governors should not be afraid to challenge the curriculum status quo even in Covid times, writes Peter Tait

A third of schools have seen a rise in home education over coronavirus concerns

Geoff Barton from the ASCL says ministers should do something more radical than delaying GCSEs and A levels by a few weeks

Jo Nugent explains how a very traditional school has embraced modern approaches to learning - and even has a teacher who designs video games

Schools should make the most of the marketing opportunity offered by families moving to areas with lower living costs

Providers have written to Boris Johnson to warn the freeze on overnight stays could cost 6,000 jobs by January

A franchise of the famous boarding school will be built on the site of a former theme park in Nova Scotia, principal Lisa Kerr and head of senior school Richard Devey explain

Young people have endured so much lately and their wounds need to be healed, says Sally-Anne Huang

Tom Wilson highlights the vital process of financial modelling for independent schools

Lucy Barnwell explains how relatively little can go a long way when schools are interacting with paying customers

Nicola Griffiths got a lot more than she expected when she was promoted to acting head shortly before the Covid-19 crisis

Vice-chancellors say the move would give students affected by Covid-19 disruption more time to learn

Chris Seal reports on Thailand's straightforward approach to Covid 19 and recalls how he and staff made the most of a summer 'stuck' in a holiday destination

Big brands dominate the prestigious awards which accompany the publication of the magazine's guide to top schools

HMC general secretary Simon Hyde said consultation over changes was done before the resurgence of cases

Adapting older independent school buildings for modern-day use can be challenging, writes architect Regine Kandan

Geoff Barton of ASCL says the idea of taking GCSEs and A-levels online is 'pie in the sky'

Tim Ryan explains how to mitigate the problem and avoid unwittingly committing an offence

David James reflects on the difficulties staff have faced during the Covid crisis - and how it has brought people together

Many families earning over £60,000 would now think about switching children to independent schools to ensure better home learning provision

Richard Metcalfe remembers the day he was first appointed as a bursar, nervous that his lack of a pair of brogues would hold him back

Running an international school in Hong Kong has been a rollercoaster this year, but Mark Steed is upbeat about the future

Independent schools are among those considering alternatives

ISC chair Barnaby Lenon warns of the dangers of the politicisation of elite university admissions

INTERVIEW: ISC chair Barnaby Lenon has had enough of the ‘obsession’ with state/private school ratios, but supports efforts to help disadvantaged students

Official figures show a 12 per cent absence rate last week, as children returned to school during the pandemic

Nicola Griffiths explores the most constructive ways to let pupils and teachers know how they are doing

Independent schools must remain vigilant and improve their defences against attack, writes Martin Taylor

Independent school branches overseas don't just keep the bursar happy, but provide great CPD for staff and a wealth of learning experiences

Testing is vital to understand a child's true ability, but they will underperform at GCSE and A-level if their English is not fluent enough, says Helen Wood

Researchers in Bristol will saliva-test 4,000 pupils and 1,000 staff

Schools at risk of 'grinding to a halt' as staff and students wait for tests, say heads

Families are applying from long distances in the hope of gaining places or practising tests

All parents want the best for their children, but those living overseas may have some extra motivations and concerns, writes Dr Helen Wright

Ian Power from the HMC says 'vast majority' of teachers trained on SCITTs now have jobs in the state system

New report from the OECD shows Britain is no longer first in spending as a proportion of GDP

A student and staff questionnaire would help schools benefit from lockdown experiences, writes Peter Tait

Schools face closures and disruption as the term starts

Digital advertising has been a game changer but don't forget the power of print

Pupils could be suspended for deliberate "malicious coughing"

Gavin Williamson is expected to announce whether he will push back start from May to July

There are many factors to take into account when setting up a bursary fund

Variety is the key to the success of Bolton School's commercial subsidiary, which funds bursaries for secondary pupils

Future careers will be defined by uncertainty, so let's rethink education

George Budd outlines how his school introduced an 'innovative and supportive' way to evaluate staff

Exams results chaos has thrown a spanner in the works for schools trying to plan

Felsted School's international outlook and teamworking focus have made it an incubator for diplomats

Government U-turn gives schools choice, but face coverings will be mandatory in local lockdown areas

Students can make complaint to their exam centre if they have 'evidence of bias or discrimination'

Independent schools face a challenge as geo-politics threatens the flow of overseas students from China, writes Andrew Lewer, MP

The A-level results U-turn means many more students now qualify to study medicine

Most heads will say that racism does not happen in their school, but it does, says Elaine Cunningham-Walker

Analysis suggests teacher-assessed grades will be higher

UK-based independent education providers could come to be seen as 'colonial and unwelcome' in China, writes Andrew Lewer MP

School standards minister Nick Gibb insists that even regions currently battling Covid spikes will open their schools

Lockdown could mean this year's cohort of leavers is probably the most ready to engage with development officers

A good relationship between bursars and marketers is vital for independent schools

How do you conduct quality assurance of an international school group during lockdown?

Schools will have to keep 'devastated' teachers motivated as the new school year begins

The aftermath of putting staff 'on the bench' during the Covid crisis will raise tricky challenges for school managers

A survey from the Girls' Schools Association finds members take a broadly similar approach to pupils' access to mobiles and other devices