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Plans are being considered to tell universities how much learning pupils have missed due to Covid

The 'intensity' of online learning meant some of her pupils were more advanced after lockdown, says Jane Prescott from the GSA

The Government must offer clarity on which options it is considering to make GCSEs and A-levels as fair as possible this year, writes Nick Pietrek

Wales' move to swap the 2021 GCSEs and A-levels for classroom tests sounds 'rather like exams', writes Nicholas Pietrek from Thorpe House School

Exams will be replaced with in-class assessments instead, says Welsh education minister

Uncertainty over exams could lead to some markers dropping out - which will create opportunities for other staff, writes Susan Barnhurst

The education secretary is expected to remain under pressure from unions and others over GCSEs and A-levels

Exams results chaos has thrown a spanner in the works for schools trying to plan

Tired staff face a school year fraught with uncertainties, but we can remain hopeful, writes Sean Fenton

Students can make complaint to their exam centre if they have 'evidence of bias or discrimination'

Ofqual chief Sally Collier asks schools to be flexible on grades when deciding who to admit to A-level and other courses