The number of pupils being educated in international schools around the world climbed in 2020 despite the coronavirus pandemic, The Pie News reports.

In July 2020, nearly six million pupils were attending 11,616 international schools globally. This represents a rise in student numbers from 5.6m in 2019.

Previous forecasts have suggested that the schools will host almost 7m by 2023.

Sam Fraser, head of field research at ISC Research, which included the figures in its latest report said: “In recent years, some families have become more cautious about sending their child in their younger years to an overseas boarding school, preferring to keep their child closer to home and sending them to their local international or private school instead, particularly during the pre-prep years."

He added that schools that provide a “reliable pathway” to traditional higher education study destinations such as the UK and the US will see significant demand from the wealthiest Asian families,.

“British independent school brands with a presence in Asia have been particularly successful,” he said.

Of the 44 British school brands currently in China, 33 are aligned with international Chinese-owned private schools meaning local children can access them.

Around the world, 1.15 per cent of the market consists of outposts of foreign independent schools or schools affiliated with a foreign independent school brand.