International schools that use exams that are overseen by Ofqual will receive the same package of amendments as schools in the UK for the 2021 season, the DfE has confirmed.

Schools will benefit from concessions such as advance notice of topics to be covered, more generous gradings and access to formulae sheets as part of a series of changes to GSCEs and A-levels announced last week, the TES reports.

The announcement provides clarity for the international sector after some confusion when the amendments were initially reported last week.

But the chief executive of COBIS, Colin Bell, said it was still speaking with the DfE to highlight the huge variation in the impacts of Covid on international schools across the world.

 “It’s important that the DfE continue to appreciate the impact that changes to examinations have on the wellbeing of students and teachers based outside England," he said.

He stressed that schools still needed information on any changes to exams set by exam boards not accredited by Ofqual.