Two leading groups of independent schools have written to the Prime Minister outlining an "implementation plan" for schools to play a key role in vaccinating teachers.

The HMC and Cognita schools group were among signatories of the letter offering up facilities and staff for teacher Covid vaccination centres.

The letter was also signed by two major academy chains including Academies Enterprise Trust and Ormiston Academies Trust.

The aim of the plan would be to ensure that all school staff and childcare workers are vaccinated by mid-February. 

"We have many schools that would be ideal 'hubs' for managing the vaccination process," the letter says.

"Such schools have refrigeration, facilities and space to enable the safe flow of people and safe storage of vaccines.  

"Moreover, we have a large force of medically trained members of staff with the ability to administer the plan in line with government compliance – a highly effective parallel implementation force that may have been overlooked, but is highly capable, expert and available for mobilisation at very short notice."

"We are confident that our plan would achieve national reach within a very short timescale," the letter says, stressing schools would draw on the “inherent goodwill” of parents to help deliver the programme.