Today’s GCSE results were expected to be higher than last year in every subject, an analysis suggests.

The research by FFT Education Datalab, conducted in June, was based on a sample of school-assessed grades submitted to exam boards, the Times reports.

The analysis found that this year’s teacher-assessed grades were, on average, higher in each subject. The average grade for biology was 6.6, - just shy of an A grade under the previous grading system.

A spokesman for the company said that grades had gone up significantly overall, although it did not know if the final grades supplied by schools [Centre Assessed Grades] matched what teachers told researchers they had submitted.

Candidates will get two sets of results this year— their school-assessed grades and those issued by exam boards which have taken previous school performance into account. Pupils can use whichever grade is higher.

However, there were concerns that exam boards would not provide grades to schools in time.

The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) though has since issued a statement saying that the appropriate results would be delivered on time today.

The statement from JCQ said: "The exam boards are working hard to provide the final centre assessment grade (or calculated grade if higher) GCSE results to schools and colleges.

 "JCQ can now confirm that all schools and colleges will receive their results according to the published time of 00:01 on Wednesday 19 August, allowing students to receive their final grades as usual on Thursday."