The extensive site of St Mary's School in Shaftesbury has been sold to Dorset Council for £10.5m...

Officials say more research is needed before daily lateral flow testing can be used to keep close...

Ofsted's deputy head of research says live lessons are not necessarily the 'gold standard' of remote...

University of Birmingham vice chancellor wants sixth form teaching to be separated from higher...

Concerns remain over whether the rapid-result tests are reliable enough...

The Russell Group of top universities has said institutions will take on more students if necessary...

The HMC and Cognita are among signatories of a letter offering to implement a Covid vaccination...

The exams are largely taken by candidates in the independent sector...

HMC chief Simon Hyde says issues around GCSE and A-level exams were 'foreseeable'

Gavin Williamson says there will be no algorithms this year as he confirms Year 6 Sats are also cancelled

Union findings for three councils could undermine the claim that teachers are at no more risk than the rest of the population

Boris Johnson indicates that exams will be cancelled in England, as he announces another nationwide lockdown

School reopening plans hang in the balance in the face of record coronavirus cases

Any system of mass testing for schools needs to be 'deliverable' and inspire confidence from the public, says Simon Hyde from the HMC

Online learning in first week back will allow for testing regime to be established

School staff will have access to weekly and even daily testing to reduce isolation periods

An analysis from the UCL Institute of Education highlights imbalances between staff and students

The DfE has confirmed Ofqual-regulated exams taken abroad will have same amendments as in the UK

The leading academy boss is expected to take over from Anne Longfield in February

Opportunities for music making in schools have been greatly reduced by the pandemic, a report finds

Simon Henderson does not want to stifle debate, supporters say following video furore

The government is refusing to back down as schools ask to switch to online learning to avoid self-isolations over Christmas

Hundreds are calling for teacher Will Knowland to be reinstated, but Eton provost says the lecture could break equality law

A poll by the Chartered College of Teaching found teachers felt the DfE had not listened to their feedback

Plans are being considered to tell universities how much learning pupils have missed due to Covid

The 'intensity' of online learning meant some of her pupils were more advanced after lockdown, says Jane Prescott from the GSA

Attendance has fallen in English secondaries due to pupils coming into potential contact with coronavirus cases

The Local Government Association says children who are withdrawn from school can be vulnerable without monitoring

The Government must offer clarity on which options it is considering to make GCSEs and A-levels as fair as possible this year, writes Nick Pietrek

A union survey reveals the depth of unease and overwork among teaching staff on the frontline during the second wave

Exams will be replaced with in-class assessments instead, says Welsh education minister

The latest briefing from the schools inspectorate finds that school leaders are facing 'unrealistic pressure' during the pandemic

Headteachers back plans to base university applications on actual grades, saying the issue has been in the 'too difficult drawer' long enough

Updated guidance clarifies rules for headteachers, stressing that all secondary students must wear masks in corridors and communal areas

Thousands of teachers have signed a petition calling for A-level and GCSE content to be reduced because of Covid disruption

The NEU says schools are 'an engine for virus transmission'

A poll for the Sutton Trust showed that many students would have applied to different universities had they known their real grades

The London Interdisciplinary School will allow students to follow courses based around problem solving skills

The case highlights serious recruitment pitfalls for independent schools

Education minister Peter Weir spoke as the country began a two-week lockdown period to fight the spread of coronavirus

State sector teachers says government claims they have smaller class sizes to stop the spread of coronavirus are false

Dame Glenys Stacey says contingency plans are under discussion, including proposals for invigilated mock exams

The number of partially closed secondaries continues to rise, but overall attendance is up slightly

A new report from ISC Research shows schools are benefiting more from the local market

The education secretary is expected to remain under pressure from unions and others over GCSEs and A-levels

A third of schools have seen a rise in home education over coronavirus concerns

Geoff Barton from the ASCL says ministers should do something more radical than delaying GCSEs and A levels by a few weeks

Young people have endured so much lately and their wounds need to be healed, says Sally-Anne Huang

Vice-chancellors say the move would give students affected by Covid-19 disruption more time to learn

Anne Longfield says children will be vulnerable to the knock-on effects of coronavirus, including economic meltdown

Big brands dominate the prestigious awards which accompany the publication of the magazine's guide to top schools

HMC general secretary Simon Hyde said consultation over changes was done before the resurgence of cases

Geoff Barton of ASCL says the idea of taking GCSEs and A-levels online is 'pie in the sky'

Many families earning over £60,000 would now think about switching children to independent schools to ensure better home learning provision

Classroom teachers in state sector felt generally less anxious than normal during lockdown, a study shows

Independent schools are among those considering alternatives

ISC chair Barnaby Lenon warns of the dangers of the politicisation of elite university admissions

Official figures show a 12 per cent absence rate last week, as children returned to school during the pandemic

Researchers in Bristol will saliva-test 4,000 pupils and 1,000 staff

Schools at risk of 'grinding to a halt' as staff and students wait for tests, say heads

Families are applying from long distances in the hope of gaining places or practising tests

New report from the OECD shows Britain is no longer first in spending as a proportion of GDP

Schools face closures and disruption as the term starts

Oxford is also expected to announce record figures for undergraduates educated in the state sector

Overseas families drawn to UK schools because of poor handling of Covid elsewhere

Pupils could be suspended for deliberate "malicious coughing"

Gavin Williamson is expected to announce whether he will push back start from May to July

Belgian study found cleverer kids in urban areas with more green spaces

Government U-turn gives schools choice, but face coverings will be mandatory in local lockdown areas

Teenagers felt more connected to school when they were not actually attending

Students can make complaint to their exam centre if they have 'evidence of bias or discrimination'

The A-level results U-turn means many more students now qualify to study medicine

Head of Eton says students were awarded grades that were 'manifestly unfair'

Analysis suggests teacher-assessed grades will be higher

Admissions chaos prompted by the A-Level results U-turn could lead to judicial review, experts say

Eight out of ten independent school heads believe algorithm is 'unfair'

School standards minister Nick Gibb insists that even regions currently battling Covid spikes will open their schools

Schools will have to keep 'devastated' teachers motivated as the new school year begins

Study is 'loud call to action' to improve preventative measures, study says

The BSA has secured flights to guard against travel disruption

Applications have risen by 65 per cent during Covid crisis, figures show

Ofqual chief Sally Collier asks schools to be flexible on grades when deciding who to admit to A-level and other courses